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Safety Passionately Driven to Save Lives
WABCO's diverse portfolio of superbly engineered products serves all categories of commercial vehicles from light use to extreme off-road, ensuring WABCO innovative and industry-leading technology has a place in every truck application.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

If a truck stays in the correct lane, at the correct speed, and is fitted with smart collision protection devices, then it travels more safely and with greater efficiency. That's exactly what WABCO's Advanced Driver Assistance Systems help to achieve.

  • OnLane™ Lane Departure System

    WABCO's OnLane™ family of products helps keep roads safer by supporting truck drivers in avoiding unintentional lane drifting. 

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  • OnGuard­™ Collision Mitigation System

    WABCO introduced the original Collision Mitigation System, OnGuard™, to the commercial vehicle industry in 2008. OnGuard assists truck drivers in recognizing and responding to dangerous driving scenarios that could lead to a rear-end collision. The system provides Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Active Braking, and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), and is always on and works when the driver needs it most.

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  • TailGUARD™ Rear Blind Spot Detection System

    WABCO TailGUARD™ rear blind spot detection system monitors stationary and moving objects behind the vehicle and activates vehicle brakes to help prevent collisions.

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  • OnSide™ Blind Spot Detection System

    Advanced blind spot detection system helps to reduce side collisions involving commercial vehicles and also provides capability for active collision avoidance for the autonomous vehicles of the future.

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Air Disc Brakes

WABCO offers high performance, single-piston air disc brakes that improve vehicle safety and efficiency in the most demanding of applications.

  • MAXXUS™ Air Disc Brake

    High-performance truck air disc brake, specifically designed for the North American market, with more than 6,000,000 units sold globally.

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Brake Actuation

WABCO's brake chamber technology has been trusted by truck manufacturers for more than four decades. Today’s customers can choose from a full range of brake chamber variants comprised of service brake chambers, double diaphragm spring brake chambers and piston type spring brake chambers.

  • Brake Chambers

    Trusted brake actuation technology available in multiple variants depending on customer need and application. WABCO variants include service brake chambers, double diaphragm spring brake chambers and IBV, and piston-type spring brake chambers.

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Braking Control Systems

WABCO braking and stability control systems are designed to provide and maintain the best possible traction and steering control during an extreme braking event. From basic, proven solenoid valves, to the latest intelligent, autonomous electronics, WABCO’s braking control systems are designed and manufactured with the same stringent quality standards for robust, long-life performance.

  • Anti-Lock Braking Systems

    WABCO provides a wide range of pneumatic or hydraulic Anti-Lock Braking Systems for light-, medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. These systems enable customers to select from a variety of functionalities, ranging from a standalone ABS up to integrated, intelligent systems.

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Stability Control

Available on trucks and trailers, WABCO Stability Control integrates with sensors within Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) and steering systems to predict impending slide or rollover.

  • ESCsmart™

    Active vehicle safety system that automatically intervenes when there is a high risk of directional instability that could lead to loss of vehicle control or rollover.

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World-class commercial vehicle steering capabilities and solutions that optimize vehicle uptime and offer proven quality, long product life and on-truck serviceability.

  • Active Steering

    Unique technical design consisting of a hydraulic steering gear with an integrated electromagnetic actuator. Enables lateral vehicle control and is a building block technology for autonomous driving. 

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  • Hydraulic Power Steering

    A full family of power steering gears for the heavy commercial and specialty vehicle market.

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  • Steering Parts and Accessories

    High quality miter boxes and steering columns. 

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