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Did You Know?

WABCO is the first to the NA market with OnGuard. 90,000+ systems in the field and 32 billion highway miles.
Literature > Hydraulic ABS

Driver Tips

  • SP-9916 Hydraulic ABS Driver Tips

Maintenance Manuals

  • MM-1543 SmartTrac Hydraulic Maintenance Manual
  • MM-0677 Hydraulic Anti-Lock Braking Systems (HABS) for Medium-Duty Trucks, Buses and Motor Home Chassis
  • MM-0677FC Systèmes de freinage hydraulique ABS pour camions, autobus et autocaravanes Pour système de freinage hydraulique ABS Version E DOWNLOAD ONLY
  • MM-0677SP Sistemas de Frenos Antibloqueo Hidráulicos (HABS) para Camiones de Servicio Mediano, Autobuses y Chasis de Casas Rodantes Para Sistemas ABS Hidráulicos Versión E DOWNLOAD ONLY
  • MM-39 D-Version HABS for Medium-Duty Trucks, Buses and Motor Home Chassis
  • MM-39SP ABS hidráulico para chasis de camions de servicio mediano, autobuses y casas rodantes DOWNLOAD ONLY
  • MM-38 C-Version HABS for Medium Duty-Trucks, Buses and Motor Home Chassis

Technical Bulletins

  • TP-10155 Meritor WABCO HABS-E Kit with ECU P/N: 400 850 872 0
  • TP-0772 HABS-D Modulator Assembly Bracket Replacement Procedure Kit
  • TP-0555 Leak Check Procedure for Meritor WABCO Hydraulic ABS and Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB) System
  • TP-0586 Instructions for Meritor WABCO Components that are submerged in Contaminated Flood Water
  • TP-02102 Installation Instructions for Meritor WABCO Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement Kit
  • TP-20192 Proper Sensor Adjustment for HABS DOWNLOAD ONLY
  • TP-99124 HABS-D Installation Guide for OEMs and Body Builders (Includes Body Builder Installation Information) DOWNLOAD ONLY
  • TP-99124SP Guía de instalación del sistema de frenos anti-bloqueo hidráulico (HABS) para OEMs y fabricantes de carrocerías (incluye información de instalación para fabricantes de carrocerías), ABS hidráulico version D DOWNLOAD ONLY