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Did You Know?

WABCO is the first to the NA market with OnGuard. 90,000+ systems in the field and 32 billion highway miles.
Literature > Air Brake Control Valves

Parts Books

  • PB8857AS Anti-Lock Braking Systems and Air Systems Parts
  • PB-9926 Parts Book for Meritor WABCO Air Brake Valves; includes cross reference information between Haldex and Meritor WABCO

Technical Bulletins

  • TP-10152 Service Procedures for Quick Release with Double Check Valve
  • TP-1159 Service Procedures for Stoplight Switch
  • TP-1097 Service Procedure for Compact Relay Valve (RVC) DOWNLOAD ONLY
  • TP-10145 Service Procedure for Relay Valve (RV)
  • TP-10137 Service Procedure for Push Pull Valve with Double Check (PPDC)
  • TP-10136 Service Procedure for Quick Release Valves (QRP)
  • TP-10112 Service Procedures for TP2DC Tractor Protection Valve
  • TP-1510 Park Brake Quick Release Valve (QRDC) Replacement Procedure
  • TP-1074 Service Procedures for One-Knob Push-Pull (PPPC) Dash Valve with Pilot Control DOWNLOAD ONLY
  • TP-1061 Service Procedures for One-Knob Push-Pull (PP) Dash Valve DOWNLOAD ONLY
  • TP-1008 Service Procedures for Manifold Dash Valve
  • TP-0987 Truck/Tractor Air Systems Guide
  • TP-0569 Dual System Foot Brake Valve DOWNLOAD ONLY
  • TP-0357 Meritor WABCO Inversion Relay Valve (IR-2) DOWNLOAD ONLY
  • TP-0223 Meritor WABCO Air Manifold Distribution Module DOWNLOAD ONLY Assembly
  • TP-20141 Meritor WABCO Air Brake Systems Workbook is designed for an instructor-led training program covering the air brake system
  • TP-9973 Tractor Troubleshooting Guide
  • TP-9974 Truck Troubleshooting Guide
  • TP-9974SP Guia de Reparacion de Camiones